3 Reasons Why You Might Need to Have a Breast Explant Surgery

When people get breast implants, they normally assume that they will serve them for years. When the implantation process is handled by a professional plastic surgeon and the recovery is successful, you will have fewer reasons to worry.  However, it is also possible to have the implants removed before they normally would need to be replaced. Here are the three main reasons why you might want the help of a professional for breast explant surgery.

Do You Need Help to Deal With Stress?

Stress can be caused by everything from moving home to financial concerns to demanding employers. While stress is a part of everyone's lives, there are times when stress can reach such levels that it begins to impact the wellbeing of the individual and becomes overwhelming. Badly managed stress is not just a problem for the person who suffers with it. Stress will not only affect an individual's mood but it will also affect the way that they interact with their friends and colleagues.

Using After-Hours GP Services For Children

When your child gets sick during the night or on the weekend and your GP surgery is closed, it can be a worrying time as you weigh whether to wait for an appointment with your regular GP or use an after-hours service. The after-hours GP service is there to review and treat acute illnesses that cannot wait until normal GP practice hours. The service is particularly valuable for children, as their immune systems are still developing and they often can't fight off illness in the same way an adult can, so prompt treatment can help children make a quicker recovery.

Hearing Aids — Getting the Best out of Batteries and More

Once you've gotten used to being able to hear again, there's nothing worse than having your hearing aid battery run out — especially when you most need it. This guide will give you great tips on what you can do to prolong your hearing aid battery life, as well as a great alternative. Don't Stockpile Batteries While it may seem like a good idea to stockpile batteries just in case you run out, it could prove to be a false economy.

Physiotherapy Clinic Services: Bike Fits

If you need to get fitter, then you may have decided to take up cycling. However, you tried out a couple of bikes without much success. You can't find a comfortable ride, and you're full of aches and pains afterwards. This doesn't mean that you should give up your cycling goals. It may simply mean that you haven't found the right bike yet. At this stage, you could book a bike fit analysis at a physiotherapy clinic.

Understanding Carotid Artery Disease

The blood vessels located at each side of your neck are known as the carotid arteries, and they are responsible for delivering blood to your brain. When these blood vessels become blocked by fatty deposits, known as plaque, you develop carotid artery disease. The plaque that builds up in your arteries consists of fibrous tissue, cholesterol and deposits of calcium. Carotid artery disease is a serious condition that leaves you susceptible to suffering a stroke due to insufficient blood reaching your brain.

Understanding Bladder Cancer

Bladder cancer is relatively common and occurs more frequently in men than in women. In the early stages, cancerous cells tend to form on the internal lining of your bladder, but they can spread to other parts of your urinary tract. Bladder cancer can often be successfully treated when diagnosed early, but like other forms of cancer, it can return, and regular check-ups will be necessary for several years after treatment.

Key Points to Understand about Bulk Billing

Bulk billing is a topic that you may have heard of, but you may not fully understand. In fact, most patients do not try to fully understand bulk billing until they are faced with it at a clinic, at a hospital or by their normal doctor. If you are facing bulk billing, here are a few key points that you need to know. These points will explain how it works, how it pertains to your medical bills and what to know about your part in the process.

Can You Repair Dentures After Your Dog Chews Them?

Your dog doesn't understand what your dentures are. If you leave them lying around out of their case, then your pet may think that they are a chew toy or even food. Given the chance, your dog may start to chew your teeth or even try to eat them. Can you salvage dog-chewed or swallowed dentures, or will you need a new set? How Bad Is the Damage? If you caught your dog with your dentures quickly, then it may not have had time to badly damage your teeth.

Two Health Tips for Farmers

There are quite a few health risks associated with working on a farm. If you're a farmer, here are some tips that should help to ensure that your occupation doesn't result in you developing health problems. Get a full-body skin cancer check once a year Most farmers spend a lot of the workday outdoors, doing things such as planting and harvesting crops, taking care of their livestock, sanitising their farmyard and repairing farm equipment.