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4 Tips for Your COVID-19 Vaccination Appointment

With the COVID-19 pandemic still raging around the world, it is very important to attend your COVID-19 vaccination appointments to ensure that you are fully protected against the virus. Depending on your medical conditions, you might need two or three doses of the vaccine, in addition to one or more boosters to top up your antibody levels once they start to wane. If you, like many people, hate vaccinations, then the following tips could help you to get through the vaccine appointment and recovery with as little stress as possible.

1. Arrive on Time

If you arrive early for your COVID-19 vaccination appointment, it is likely that you will have to hang around until the appointment time. This waiting could make you anxious, particularly if you haven't spent much time around people during the pandemic. On the other hand, arriving late could mean you miss your vaccination slot. Try to arrive as close to on time as possible.

2. Wear Clothing That Exposes Your Upper Arm

COVID-19 vaccination clinics try to get people in and out as quickly as possible, partly to speed up the rollout of the vaccine and partly to reduce the risk of being infected while in the clinic. You can help by wearing clothing that makes it easy to expose your upper arm. A tight long-sleeved top can lead to awkwardness as you might have to take it off to expose your arms. A t-shirt under a jacket is much more convenient.

3. Answer Screening Questions Accurately

Before you receive your vaccination, the clinic staff must ask you some questions to check that it is suitable for you. Try to answer these as accurately as possible. They will need to know whether you have recently had a COVID-19 infection and whether you have received any other vaccinations in the last few days. Answering these questions accurately will ensure that you receive a vaccination that is safe for you.

4. Distract Yourself During the Vaccination

If you are nervous around needles, then it is best not to watch the vaccination. Look in the other direction or at your phone to distract yourself. You might also find it helpful to listen to calming music. The vaccination itself only takes a few seconds and causes minimal pain. If you need help distracting yourself, let the vaccinator know that you feel nervous. They can talk to you to help you feel better.