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3 Reasons Why You Might Need to Have a Breast Explant Surgery

When people get breast implants, they normally assume that they will serve them for years. When the implantation process is handled by a professional plastic surgeon and the recovery is successful, you will have fewer reasons to worry. 

However, it is also possible to have the implants removed before they normally would need to be replaced. Here are the three main reasons why you might want the help of a professional for breast explant surgery.

If Your Preferences Change

A lot of women have breast implants because they feel some sort of social pressure to get bigger ones. There is also a status that comes with having bigger cup sizes. If you reach a point where you have installed the implants but they did not give you the results that you wanted, it is okay to have them removed.

Talk to a plastic surgeon about removing the current implants, and if you want to go a size bigger or smaller, you can discuss with them the process that you will follow.

If the Implants Are Leaking

Quality implants will last for years without developing complications such as leaking. However, if you are subjected to high impact from an accident or blunt force trauma or if the implants are not installed properly, they might start leaking. Silicone can cause a lot of complications when it comes into contact with your tissues.

If your breasts have changed in shape and you have been experiencing firmness, pain and swelling for a number of weeks, you need to have the implants checked. The surgeon could recommend an explant surgery depending on the damage you have already suffered. 

If You Develop Medical Complications

In some cases, the original implant surgery might have been done incorrectly. For instance, if the implant was done by an unqualified professional or if substandard implants were used, you might develop complications that will lead to the breast getting infected. If the infection is not handled in time, it can lead to very serious and life-threatening conditions.

A plastic surgeon will check the condition of the implants and how far the infection may have spread. They will diagnose the problem and remove the implant if it cannot be saved.

Look for a professional and trusted explant surgeon to speak to whenever you feel that you want to remove your breast implants. They will save you from developing long-term complications from your implants.