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Physiotherapy Clinic Services: Bike Fits

If you need to get fitter, then you may have decided to take up cycling. However, you tried out a couple of bikes without much success. You can't find a comfortable ride, and you're full of aches and pains afterwards.

This doesn't mean that you should give up your cycling goals. It may simply mean that you haven't found the right bike yet. At this stage, you could book a bike fit analysis at a physiotherapy clinic. How does this analysis work, and why should you have one?

What Is a Bike Fit Analysis?

Unless you buy or build a fully-customised bike, it's hard to find a model that suits your body and your physical needs. While bikes have adjustable elements, it is sometimes hard to create a perfect fit.

During a bike fit, a physio looks at your anatomy and your body size and shape. They check your medical history to see if you've had any injuries or complaints in the past that might affect the way you use a bike. They may even put you on a fixed bike and run a video analysis to see how you cycle and what happens to your body on the bike. They check things like muscle control and flexibility.

If you currently own a bike, they'll ask for details about its dimensions and set-up. Once they have all this information, they create a bike fit report.

Why Have a Bike Fit Session?

Even basic bikes can be pricey. If you don't find a comfortable bike, then you won't be happy using it. You may feel that the bike was just a waste of money.

A bike fit report tells you what kind of bike you should buy to fit both your body and your cycling aims. So, for example, you will get advice on the ideal frame size and set-up. This ensures that you don't waste cash on the wrong kind of bike.

If you buy a comfortable bike, then you're more likely to use it. You'll get the exercise you want and need to improve your overall health and wellbeing.

Also, your physio will spot any possible physical issues that cycling might give you; they factor in past injuries and medical problems you might have, like recurring back pain. They can then suggest exercises to compensate for problems so that you can cycle safely. They also recommend positions and cycling techniques.

So, before you invest in a bike, book a bike fit session with a local physiotherapy clinic.