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Can You Repair Dentures After Your Dog Chews Them?

Your dog doesn't understand what your dentures are. If you leave them lying around out of their case, then your pet may think that they are a chew toy or even food. Given the chance, your dog may start to chew your teeth or even try to eat them.

Can you salvage dog-chewed or swallowed dentures, or will you need a new set?

How Bad Is the Damage?

If you caught your dog with your dentures quickly, then it may not have had time to badly damage your teeth. Your dentures may be basically intact, but they may have some teeth marks on them or minor cracks.

In this case, your dentist or denture clinic may be able to fix the damage. They may be able to fill and glue cracks to make the teeth sound again; lining the plate may cover up minor damage.

If your dog has damaged one or more of the denture's teeth, then your dentist or clinic may also be able to fit new ones. It's probably a good idea to have the dentures professionally cleaned and disinfected at the same time to make them fit to wear safely.

If your dog had enough time to really have a prolonged chew on your teeth, then you're likely to see more damage. Your pet may have bitten off multiple teeth and broken your plate into pieces.

Even if you're left with a jigsaw version of your dentures at this stage, it's still worth taking them to your dentist or clinic to see if they can help. However, if your dentures are beyond repair, then you may need to have a new set made.

Did Your Dog Swallow Your Dentures?

Sometimes, a dog will swallow a whole denture or part of it. Your vet may have been able to retrieve the denture quickly by making your dog vomit it up. Or, you may have been advised to let nature takes its course and wait for the denture to come out of the other end of your pet.

In either case, your denture may be relatively unscathed, but this leaves you with a tricky decision. Your denture hardly feels hygienic any more.

Your best move here is to contact your dentist or denture clinic to explain what has happened. They can advise you on whether the denture can be made useable again or whether you should just cut your losses and have a new one made.