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Choosing a GP After You Move

Finding a good GP is important for several reasons. When you establish a great relationship with them, accessing healthcare becomes easier. After moving house, registering with a new GP promptly is important; especially if you have children. As such, knowing how to find the best one for your household is vital. 

Shop around using the right techniques

Depending on how far you're moving, you can ask your current GP for advice. General practitioners network regularly, so they may have an insight into who will best meet your needs. Similarly, consider asking friends and family members who live in the new area. A final alternative is to quiz other medical professionals you visit frequently, including your pharmacist.

Focusing on the logistics

After you narrow down your options, consider the practicalities that come with your choice. Consider how easy it is to visit your GP from your home or workplace. If you choose the practice according to where you spend the most time travelling from, you can avoid lengthy and arduous journeys. You should also consider who in your household is most likely to visit the GP. For example, if it's your children, think about choosing one that's close to their school.

Examining whether they meet your needs

In some cases, you may find that choosing a GP with special interests is essential. If you're trying to conceive, for example, choosing one with additional sexual health training should work in your favour. Or, if you prefer to see a particular gender, make sure the balance between the two is right. When you focus on smaller details, you limit the likelihood of facing a long wait for your next appointment.

Get a feel for the practice

While tours of GP practices aren't commonplace, you can visit to get a feel for how it works. The building and how its inhabitants maintain it can speak volumes. If the outside is dilapidated and the waiting room is undesirable, consider going elsewhere. While aesthetics aren't everything, practices that benefit from regular maintenance, a welcoming waiting room, and plenty of helpful leaflets are good indicators that the GPs take their business seriously.

Your intuition will tell you a lot. As such, if you don't feel comfortable with what you're seeing, consider going elsewhere. Finally, make sure the GP you choose fits in well with your billing mode of choice, and ask them if they partner with other specialists who use your preferred billing method.