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How A Well-Baby Clinic Can Benefit New Parents

Well-baby clinics are staffed by paediatric or child health nurses and are run with the intention of providing new parents with information and support in relation to the health and well-being of their baby and parenting in general. The clinics are run in medical centres, and your midwife or GP can tell you if your local medical centre offers a well-baby clinic. These clinics are easy to access, with many adopting a drop-in model and even a telephone advice service.

Additionally, the clinic staff can link up with your GP and share information to ensure you and your baby receive prompt treatment. For example, if the child health nurse thinks your baby may have an ear infection, they can arrange for them to be seen quickly by your GP, or they can arrange for your GP to provide a prescription to treat the infection. Here's an outline of three ways a well-baby clinic can benefit parents:

Breastfeeding Advice

Breastfeeding isn't always as easy and natural as those baby books would lead you to believe. The breastfeeding relationship can take time to establish, and the nurses at the well-baby clinic can help you overcome common problems and improve your feeding technique. Here are a few examples of breastfeeding issues the clinic staff can support you with:

  • Treating mastitis and thrush
  • Finding feeding positions that suit your baby
  • Feeding a baby with tongue tie, reflux or cleft lip
  • Ensuring your baby is getting fat-rich hindmilk
  • Safe storage of expressed breastmilk

Weight Check

Your baby can be weighed if you have any concerns about their growth. You will be able to see where your baby's weight is on a growth chart that outlines the upper and lower weight limits for a baby of their age. You may want to get your baby's weight checked if any of the following apply:

  • Your baby has been vomiting or had diarrhoea, which can cause rapid weight loss in babies
  • Your baby is refusing to drink enough milk, which can happen when they are teething, sick or weaning
  • Your baby takes prescription medication, as the minimum therapeutic dose will change as your baby gains weight

Weaning Information

Parents often worry about ensuring their child remains well-nourished when transitioning them from milk to solid food. The well-baby clinic can give you up-to-date information on weaning and provide suitable recipes for your baby's first foods. You may want to discuss the following points with the clinic nurse:

  • Food safety and allergies
  • Baby led weaning versus spoon feeding
  • Portion sizes
  • Establishing a mealtime routine
  • Salt and sugar intake

The well-baby clinic is there to ensure your child gets off to the best start possible and support you as a new parent, and you won't be judged for asking questions. Those first few months with your baby can be challenging, so if there's anything you're struggling with as you get to grips with your new role, get in touch with your local clinic.